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A3. ~ 20 hrs


A3. ~ 20 hrs


Lionhearted Son of Fire at Emorenji

I AM DONE \o/ also, tried a new style due to me discovering the tool on SAI’s left hand side haha ;m; and I LIKE IT, I THINK I WILL BE ABUSING IT MORE IN THE FUTURE uwu

Mckirk fandom, please accept this tribute and bear with me as i hiatus again because i still have the boost to draw complete illusts uwu


juno-magic replied to your post: To GIF or not to GIF Chris Pine’s scro…

No, that’s not a question. Seriously. It’s not a question. It’s an obligation. A sacred duty.

Enjoy a bonus thrust GIF as well.

I’m sitting here watching Eric Bana in Chopper and then… 


…Hey. Why, hello there.

Zane’s next roadtrip


There’s a fanfic in here just begging to be written :-)



Society towards bisexuals

I got distracted from my Vaako/Riddick fic by tenacious McKirk plot bunnies. Now that I have 5 chapters of this And Soon the Darkness McKirk AU written, I’m able to go back and finish a Future For Us Both.

Sorry about the delay.

Benedict’s profile/face angles as Khan